Uses - The tools I use to be productive

Some of the most interesting bits of content for me on a person's personal blog/site are the tools that help them to be great every day. I got this idea from Wes Bos. I've always said that if I ever got around to creating a personal site that I would do the same.

I'll attempt to update this posts whenever anything new or interesting happens.

Work Space

Over the years I've adopted a minimalist approach to my desktop. It's exactly the same at home and in the office, right down to the Monitor, iPad, and Touch Pad. Using a mouse is somewhat limiting for me now. I use Hyper for my terminal and it has a dedicated screen with the help of Duet.

There isn't a need for the app dock as I can launch any app using Alfred. I've created a few Alfred workflows including one called Clean Desktop, I'll let you guess what it does.

There isn't a need for the menu bar as the only useful thing up there is the time. Since time is already in my tricked out Tmux setup I've decided to let the bar go. I also use Fish shell, it's advanced and easy to configure.

I've used SizeUp for window management for about 6 years. I've tried a few of the newer kids but haven't been able to find a worthy replacement.

With this relatively few set of apps and minor OSX setting changes, I've been able to reclaim valuable screen real estate and maintain peace of mind.


I recently switched from Atom to VS Code but not before spending time hacking away at the interface css.

I use Workflowy for managing my tasks and planning projects. The simplicity is just perfect. MindNode is also great for planning.

I'm a huge fan of markdown and use Typora for a lot of my writing. I like the way it renders your markdown markup immediately, genius. It's also theme-able and I like to hack away at interfaces.


I use an old Herman Miller Aeron that I've had for years but looking to make a change soon. My desk is a StandDesk adjustable standing desk. I had good intentions. My laptop is a simple MacBook, I still marvel at its size and weight.

I also use over the ear Bose wireless noise-canceling headphones. I've used the Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones for over 10 years but since I've gone wireless I haven't looked back.