About Shawn

I'm all about creating. I'm always trying to do more.

I enjoy finding solutions to problems for myself and others. I am a web developer with a focus on front-end, although who knows what that means anymore. I've been doing this since high school. My first paid job was for my calculus teacher at $50 total. I didn't care, I enjoyed creating, and was simply elated that people would pay for this. Thanks, Mr. Daniels. 

On summer breaks while in college, I taught web development to high schoolers. I was once a student in this very course. I believe it was payback for giving the instructor such a hard time. I then spent a few years freelancing, mostly working with non-profits. Eventually, I got involved with the Drupal community and started working at Sony Music with some of the most talented people on earth. I am forever grateful to Suzi Arnold for giving this young West Indian kid from Brooklyn such an amazing opportunity. I learned a lot, mainly that I wasn't as good as I thought I was. This is where my professional career truly began.

At Sony Music, I somehow ended up managing the front-end team, and later at Sony DADC, I directed Drupal development as a whole for our group. I managed both internal and remote teams all over the world. While at Sony Music I built sites for legends such as Miles Davis, Christina Aguilera, Micheal Jackson, and Beyonce, yes that Beyonce. Later on, at Sony DADC, I worked on projects for the NY Knicks, the NY Rangers, and even FIFA. Around this time I also got very interested in Digital Marketing and Product, and this lead me to General Assembly. Don't judge me, General Assembly was hot back then.

After Sony I consulted and traveled for a while, Trinidad (where I was born), St. Vincent (where I grew up), St. Maarten (where my mother lived for a while), The Bahamas, and around the US. I also continued building the record label I started with some friends a while back. I truly enjoyed leading my team and working with such talented developers, but I also missed coding, and that's what I do now. I am the front-end lead at a small but dedicated development shop in Soho called DIV. At DIV I've done work for NY State, Columbia University, and even The UN. I also work with my own clients and my own projects whenever time permits.